What Concerns Me after System Enhancement ?

Quota of cheap sales is now allocated to Premise
This means company can file diffrerent cheap sales application based on their preferred date of sales for their premises, accordingly.

Template of Goods On Sale
KPDNKK has come up with a template (excel) to better monitor the goods on sale. Attachment of the template is a MUST in every application. 

Profile Update
Applicant MUST update the company & premise profile prior to submitting any cheap sales application. Incomplete or outdated profile may lead to delay in getting cheap sales application approved.

Cheap Sales Notice Printing
Previously, approved notice can ONLY be printed ONCE. Reprint of the notice would require applicant to file a change request in the system which requires approval from KPDNKK. Now, approved notice can be printed out as long as the sales is ongoing.

Number of Cheap Sales allowed in 2017?
The total number of Sales allowed in 2017 shall not exceed 5 times:

  • 3 times shall be determined by Controller (KPDNKK)
  • 2 times at the choice of the applicant

How long is the approval process ?
Approval process takes 3 working days.

What to do if system prompts Business Licence Expiry warning ?
In the event of business licence date expires, email a copy of latest SSM renewal certificate to NJM Administrator..

Change of Application Details after approval is possible ?
Yes, it’s possible. Change request has to be made 7 days before the sale sarts.

Scope of Change Request ?

  • List of Premises  
  • Goods On Sale
  • Date of Sales



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